The Mentor Coaching program has been developed specifically for Coaches who want to change lives. You will be well on your way to mastering the ICF Core Coaching Competencies following your Coach Masters Academy transformative coach training. Now, with practice, and Ben’s guidance you will have expert help to guide you in mastering the coaching process and accelerate your learning.


We will analyse your client’s responses based on your questions then look behind the conversation to help you discover your own thought processes and enable you to fully demonstrate the competencies at the credential level qualification you are seeking. Through this process you deepen your own learning of yourself which helps you to better observe your own inner processes in relation to how you help your clients – i.e. What is happening within you and what actually happened and why it matters. In a supportive and affirmative manner, you are then offered valuable suggestions on where your growth opportunities are.

Process Review

Your recordings are analysed segment by segment and you will receive valuable detailed feedback about how you can specifically improve the coaching process to demonstrate mastery in coaching the client for awareness. Although labour intensive, this process enables Ben to provide you with practical suggestions, including actual questions you can use, that will enable you to improve your coaching process.

The Review Report will be provided from your transcript recordings along with Ben’s feedback. This report will give you suggestions about how you can improve the flow of the conversation to ultimately allow the client to go deeper, and learn more.

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