Social Emotional Learning:
Article 730 takes a different approach on Social Emotional Learning by infusing the healing properties of breath work into a interactive curriculum that uplifts the mind, body and spirit thus creating the opportunity to experience the highest form of self.

Benefits of Breath-Work:
  • Decreased anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and stress
  • Increased clarity of mind
  • Improved and clear decision making
  • Access to greater creativity and innovation
  • Heightened intuition


Article730 MT is a Social-Emotional Learning program based on the concept of using music as a tool to uncover emotional needs.

The Article 730 MT program gives a voice to feelings they could never find words for, through the art of music. Thus making it easier to express themselves and uncover their hidden trauma by sharing the sound of their inner emotion. This allows the instructor to listen to the needs of their with empathy.

“It’s an emotion… you can’t see it… you can’t touch it… but you can feel it!” Briana

Music Therapy asks to choose songs that resonate with them. This allows them to target their  inner-emotions, hurdles and challenges. Music speaks for them instead of words when tackling the tough subject matter of navigating pre and post adolescent life.


Earth Healing Medicine (EHM)

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